How We Help You:

  • Building the Community around You (you, your family, or your business---or all) when you join The Club.
  • Relationships matter. T-Shirts with Quality Pictures and Cool Captions are the best way to start a conversation and build a relationship.  That’s why we help you design your Custom T-Shirt to start! (You’re picture of choice & a Creative Caption that fits your story)
  • With your Club membership there is only a One Time Entry Fee For a Lifetime of Benefits!
  • This all started with a desire to help children and families live healthy lives.  Thus, we are Supporting Models who are making a difference in the world.
  • How we Support Women, Children and Families in need of Guidance: 50-90% of Proceeds go to their charity-let"s talk if you have a mission-charity. 
  • By Purchasing Your own Unique Custom T-Shirt, You automatically become a V.I.C. Member (click on pic below) and receive your Free T-Shirt, Instant Savings & More
  • F.A.Q.:

Details on how The Mission benefits you:

  1.  Create a Custom Quote with Your Picture of Your Choice to put on quality merchandise and tell Your Story to the Community: great for businesses and the community as a whole.
  2. You receive an automatic 10% OFF everything on our site as well as  Quality Products & Services from Partner Stores.
  3. FREE Investment Stock of a Solid Company (details to be emailed you upon joining)!
  4. V.I.C. Club Specials and Community Updates emailed to you bi-weekly.
  5. FREE Shipping  (Unless Participating Community Member Deems Otherwise).
  6. Wholesale prices on Marketing Tools for Your Business or Charity. (When bought in Bulk)
  7. FREE SEO AND PROMOTION (for your personal Media Pages or for Your Business Pages. 
  8. Inside News on Models With a Mission Models! 
  9. Note: we do not promote or support or sell any inappropriate images, words, or ideals which put any member of society at risk of being wrongly influenced.  For example: no pornography, obscene imagery, slander to persons or businesses, political views, racial comments, sexist comments, religious comments or anything too weird.  


Contact us with any questions (note; during weekdays, time for replies might me longer, yet we will reply asap.  Thank you, J.R.

F.A.Q & Some Benefits of V.I.C. Club Membership

~What does V.I.C. Club stand for?

@ V.I.C. stands for Very Important Community.  We believe that everyone is important and makes a difference.  As the Three Muskateers said, "All for one, and One for all!"

~How do I supply my photo for my T-shirt, coffee cup, etc..? 

@ Once you are a Member, we will contact you and get the process started.

@ When you purchase your V.I.C. Club Membership and enter your contact information, our team will contact you with the steps to become a model.  Once your pic and poem are combined, we will provide samples for you to proof. (meaning approve of our ask to remake)...

~How long does it take to produce and ship my T-Shirt?

@ Depends on the proofing process, but usually 1-3 weeks.

~What kind of savings will I get when I become a VIC CLUB member?

@ You will automatically receive 10% off all merchandise, be notified of future deals, be sent a link for a free investment stock of a solid company, a FREE CUSTOMIZED T-SHIRT, free eBooks and articles, and MUCH MORE

~Can I give the membership and T-shirt as a gift?

@ Yes, this is a great gift.  Note: you can give any item purchased as a gift at the time of checkout!

~How will I receive notice of future deals after I become a member? Email, text, or call?

@ All of the above methods of communication will be at your service.  Note: we do not like to send out too many emails, texts, etcetera, so that we respect your space.  Everything we send out has value though.

~Will I receive discounts on the eBooks, Video Series, and Media Parties? 

@YES, once a Member, you will receive these gifts and much more!

~Why does the founder of this site only charge one lifetime membership fee?  Is there a catch?

@ Less monthly bills and more Savings!!!!  He values the simplicity of the One Time fee.  

~Will I continue to receive free products and super cool specials with each purchase after my first buy?  I ask this because you give so much cool stuff with my first purchase!

@ And, we honestly answer back,"Yes!" We love supporting you as the community!

·        You will receive access to discounts for your purchases here at Models With a Mission 

·        You get to have a FREE custom T-Shirt & Discounts on Quality Products designed for you and/or your business!

·        Click on pic to join: 50% of proceeds from goods sold from J.R.'s section go to help children grow to be model citizens of the world! 

·         You also receive access to a free stock and unlimited stock and stock option trades with Robin!

·        Plus, you get quality news on Partner Store Discounts, highlights on Models' contributions and positive news 

·        Much more in Video Format too!!!

Details for your V.I.C. Club & T-Shirt.  You fill out the checkout information at the  above information, and we will design a CUSTOM T-SHIRT for you. NOTE:

Supply us with your Facebook, Instagram, or Other Social Media name in the "company" information box! Please let us know if your shipping address is different than your payment address.